A Well Woman Screen is our most popular health check. This is a fully comprehensive medical examination and testing for the early detection of any medical issues or conditions to give you total peace of mind about your health.

Our private Well Woman Screen is an in-depth assessment of your overall health that should be taken frequently as part of your annual health maintenance or when as your health changes, especially if you are worried about a particular issue or condition.

Well Woman Screenings also provide you with a discreet opportunity to discuss any and all health concerns with a private GP and also to seek medical advice on developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

What Is Included In A Well Woman Screen?

  • Doctor consultation to discuss health concerns/issues
  • Past medical/surgical history & Family medical history
  • Lifestyle factors & risks e.g. diet, exercise and medications
  • Top to Toe physical examination and systematic assessment
  • Blood pressure and pulse
  • Blood Testing – Full blood count, liver function, kidney function, cholesterol & lipids, blood glucose, iron & ferritin, thyroid function, Vitamin D
  • Spirometry (Lung Function Testing)
  • ECG (Heart Screen)
  • Breast Examination & Self Check Tutorial (if required)
  • Height and Weight for BMI Assessment
  • Doctors Report with results and recommendations
  • Senion Women’s Additional Tests Available
  • Diabetes Markers
  • Heart Marker (for increased risk of heart attack or stroke)
  • Stool screening for blood
  • Urine culture & microscopy screening


by Dr Arun Ghosh

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