Private GP Medical Services & Private Health Care in Liverpool, Wirral, Chester and North West.

You can book an appointment for a general check-up, acute illness such as colds and the flu, for an injury or for a consultation. A consultation for confidential advice and treatment options is available for a wide range of specialised private health services.

There is NO need to de-register from your NHS GP!
Private GP Services are complementary to that provided by your NHS practitioner; a lot of people use a private GP to reduce waiting times for scans or to see a specialist – many of the hospital specialists are onsite at e.g. Spire Liverpool Hospital (Liverpool), Spire Murrayfield Hospital (Wirral) or Nuffield The Grosvenor Hospital (Chester) and accessible to Dr Arun Ghosh direct from our clinic. We often work with your current NHS GP and share information to help get a complete picture of your health and in the future there is no problem going back to the NHS.

Our medical services are designed to help you and your family get to the root of any health problems as quickly as possible and to help you find solutions suitable for you. We actually save our patients time and expense by avoiding unnecessary investigations. Often we see patients who wish to have unnecessary procedures or imaging to help them ease their minds or find cause. An appointment or conusltaton with Dr Arun Ghosh often finds a more cost effective and quicker solution which can ease your mind and solve your health problems.


by Dr Arun Ghosh

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