Are you are worried about cervical or genital warts?

Combined with cervical screening, the HPV vaccination is an important step towards preventing cervical cancer. We can provide the new Gardasil 9 and Cervarix HPV vaccinations against cervical cancer and genital warts which is ideal for both Men and Women.

The HPV vaccination is not just for women, men can also benefit too. The HPV vaccine can be given to men and can help to reduce the risk of HPV infection and developing genital cancers. It is also particularly useful for men for the prevention of genital warts.

Vaccines act in the provention against the human papilloma virus (HPV). This virus is a sexually-transmitted infection that can cause genital warts, pre-cancerous abnormalities of cells in the female genitals (cervix or vulva) and cervical cancer. The HPV vaccinations work by provoking the body’s immune response to this virus, without actually causing any HPV infection or any of the diseases.

How Are the HPV Vaccinations Given?
The vaccination course consists of three injections that can be given during convenient appointments over a period of six months or longer over 12 months if necessary. Appointments are with Private GP Dr Arun Ghosh, a specialist in sexual health, obstetrics and gynaecology or our female Nurse Sophie Marsh.

The vaccine is normally given by injection into the muscle of the upper arm or upper thigh.

Course Option 1: First two doses are given two months apart and the third dose six months after the first dose

Course Option 2: First two doses are given at least one month apart with the third dose at least three months after the second dose.

Costs of HPV Vaccinations: £175 per dose of Gardasil 9
(A deposit may also be requested for each dose booked into clinic).

HPV vaccinations for Gardasil 9 are available at the following clinics:
Liverpool – 88 Rodney Street (Liverpool City Centre)
Chester – The Chester Wellness Centre (just off A55, South Chester)
Manchester – MediaCity UK and Deansgate (Manchester City Centre)
Wirral – MyLook @ The Barns (Oxton Village, Wirral)

Booking Your Appointment:
You can book an appointment discreetly and quickly for total peace of mind. Call our booking team and arrange your course at any of our North West clinic locations.


by Dr Arun Ghosh

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