Prepare yourself for Spring & Summer with an injection to help prevent symptoms of hay fever.

Do you have Hay Fever Problems or Co-Existing Asthma?
We can offer private Hay Fever injections that are no longer available on the NHS. This can often prove a vital lifeline for people to enjoy the up and coming Sping, Summer and Autumn seasonal weather or for people during the high pollen affected months.

Hay Fever Injection – £100 per injection (40mg/1ml)
Injections can be used for allergies such as hay fever (seasonal allergic rhinitis). The intramuscular injection is normally given into the muscle of the buttock to help to surpress the overall allergic reaction caused by e.g. pollen.

For people suffering from seasonal allergies such as hay fever, one injection can relieve symptoms over the entire hay fever season. For severe symptoms of hay fever or perhaps aggravating co-existing asthma or particular circumstances, one or two injections a year may be sufficient to cover a patient through the worst of the hay fever season. Not all patients are suitable for the injection and a consent process and advice will be given at your consultation with private GP Dr Arun Ghosh.

Following your appointment, you are safe to return to your normal daily activity or work place.

Booking Your Hay Fever Injection
You can book a convenient 15 minute appointment at our clinics in Liverpool, Wirral, Manchester or Chester that includes your private consultation and injection.


Patient Reviews  HAY FEVER FREE!…

Very professional service – This is the second year I’ve had the Kenalog hay fever injection. Last year it completely changed my life as I was actually able to sit in my garden in the summer hay fever free!

PB  |  5*

by Dr Arun Ghosh

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