Our private GP service can be used by both registered and non-registered patients for easy access to a wide range of the latest vitamin injections from any of our clinics across the North West.

Each vitamin injection is provided in a convenient 15-30 minute appointment with private gp Dr Arun Ghosh with time for a consultation about your health, symptoms and treatment plan, including aftercare and possible side-effects.

Patients may be asked to conduct a blood test before receiving the vitamin injection to confirm you are low or deficient in that particular Vitamin. Patients can also ask their NHS GP to conduct this test or to bring their recent blood test results as confirmation.

Vitamin B12 Injection – From £45 / dose

The range of symptoms caused by B12 deficiency can be persistent tiredness or lack of energy (lethargy), general and ongoing fatigue and low mood are also common.

Receiving a large dose of vitamin B12 through injections isn’t likely to harm your health, but can interfere with the effectiveness of some medications. Please inform your GP prior to your injection of any medications and also let your NHS doctor know.

Vitamin D Injection – From £45 / dose

Have you had tests or been told nothing is wrong? Vitamin D deficiency has quickly been recognised as the biggest missed cause of general fatigue. If diagnosed, you can overcome your deficiency with a Vitamin D Injection in a convenient appointment with Dr Arun Ghosh.

Some people are unable to make enough vitamin D for a number of reasons:

Not get enough sunlight on your skin. This is more of a problem in the most northern parts of the world where there is less sun. You may also be foreign or a student in the UK and suffer from deficiency since your arrival from sunnier climates.

You may also stay inside. For example, those in hospital for a long time, or housebound people. If you cover up a lot of your body with clothing when outside e.g. when wearing veils such as the niqab or burqa.

People with pigmented skin (because less sunshine gets through the skin).

Not enough vitamin D in Your diet is more likely to occur if you follow a strict vegetarian or vegan diet, or a non-fish-eating diet.

** COMING SOON – IV Vitamin Infusions **



by Dr Arun Ghosh

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